Here we go


What exactly is it?

Tattoo Discrimination.

My husband coined this abbreviation a while back to add a humorous side to the day-to-day nonsense we see (and hear) all because we live our lives to the fullest without inhibition and fear of what others might think. Also because we have tattoos, lots of tattoos.

We are a family of 5,  #1 she just having turned 18 yrs old, #2 a strapping young lad at 7 yrs old and our darling little #3 a fiery 6 yr old. #2 and #3 are 11 months apart, known as Irish twins. #3 is also a recent graduate of high school and also a straight A honor student! We can’t be that bad at this parenting thing if we managed to raise a honor student, right?
Moving along…my husband and I have been married for almost 8 years and still laugh at each others jokes, or just plain laugh AT one another. Either way, we’re BFF’s.

So, why the blog?

Because I’m so sick of hearing the questions and seeing the looks from people who just for some reason cannot get past the tattoos or the short spiky hair or the crazy family of 5 skateboarding (yes all 5 of us) through the neighborhood with their two dogs. And because I think we are interesting enough that I want to share our stories. Plus, someone has to be documenting this stuff… it gets pretty wild around here.

So hit a bookmark button, click a social media icon and follow us because from today on we are going to be rockin the internet Dunn style.

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