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Silent Lunch?

Ok what is going on in the school’s these days, i’m talking about Elementary. Our kids attended a public school last year and were not allowed to talk during lunch time, which is the most ridiculous thing EVER. The school claimed the noise level was overwhelming and the students quickly became overbearing. Well, I can see how 100 students in the lunch room cafeteria can become LOUD. My kitchen table can get loud at home and there are only 2 of them sitting.


However, kids are in school to learn. Learning doesn’t just mean your math facts and US history but learning to be social and to belong to society. It’s no wonder that this generation of kids cannot communicate with one another unless its over text or in a game setting online. They’ve lost the ability to communicate right from a young age, and by lost I mean it’s been taken away.

Is it just me and my family that feels as though we have no say in how our children are educated? We’ve handed over our children into the hands of stranger that we hope are making decisions based on the good of their futures and not on what is convenient for them. I want to be clear and say that I do not blame the teachers, they are by far under paid and all their freedoms as educators have been completely striped away from them.

So imagine you walk into your child’s elementary school to volunteer for Media Mom, which is when a parents comes into the school to bring a classroom to the media center to choose a book to check out for home. I am looking forward to seeing my daughter and her classmates and love hearing about their adventures and all the very hilarious stories they tell me (over shares) about their parents and siblings!! Except, as I’m going to down the hallway to the classroom I see a group of students walking in a straight line from the cafeteria with their little lunch bags and their heads hung down. No smiles, no hellos… nothing.

I felt horrible as they passed by me, like I wanted to start jumping and making silly faces just to get them to smile. To see these tiny little people have no expression on their faces and to think that I drop my child off here every morning with hugs and kisses and thinking that they are off to explore and learn… but really they are off into the hands of a system that is slowing striping them of their child hood innocence. Curiosity, Imagination, Story Telling, Learning how to be a friend, To be a leader… what we are teaching them is that school = no fun. How can we expect any child to wake up and be excited about attending a place that makes them march in a line and does not allow talking during lunch, that does not give them outdoor time to run free and play…

I did all of those things in school, we talked at lunch, we ran around, we lied to the teacher that all 3 of us girls HAD to go to the bathroom at the same time and it was an absolute emergency just so that we could all gather in the tiny stinky bathroom and talk about our plans for the weekend and hopefully miss out on just enough creative writing that the bell would ring for recess. Did I become a failure in life because of these things? NO. Did my talking during lunch time with friends mean that I didn’t eat my lunch and went hungry for the rest of the afternoon? Maybe, but I’m sure I learned the lesson the next day and ate a little more.

If I look at my childhood and my experience in school, I have fond memories of so many wonderful things that just do not exist in the school systems anymore. That makes me sad. It makes me sad because I don’t know how my children will be affected by that, if it will mean they won’t be successful or if they will grow up to have social issues, if they will grow to hate school further as they age and not want to attend college… its the unknowns that scare me.

What I do know is that I went to school, I played, I had fun, I talked, I had arts, I had music, I went on field trips, I had class parties… and I turned out well rounded, successful and loved every minute of my childhood. I wasn’t a “fan” of school but I didn’t hate it. In fact, I wish as an adult that I could go back and do it over again because it was probably some of the best years of my life.

Are my kids going to feel that way? I doubt it…


You did not just say that

It’s a perfect Monday.

I got up on time, the kids were in great moods getting ready for school.

We got to school on time {Does anyone else struggle as the months go on with arriving to school just a little bit later each week?}

I headed home with the intention of going for a little workout with the dog rollerblading but of course came home to find out that I was “needed” on the computer by some clients and then our oldest reminded me that I had promised to take her to Target to get a halloween costume for work on Friday. They are having some sort of costume contest and there is a cash prize.

So my morning now went from working out to spending 2.5 hours in front of the computer, racing from my desk at 10:00am to the shower to get ready to take our oldest, who also has to be at work at 12:30. Not to mention I hadn’t eaten a thing all morning –

{enter the chaos}

Shower, smoothie and jamming a load of laundry into the washer as I’m walking out the door. We are pulling out and it’s now 11:00am. Where has my morning gone?

Of course Target looks like it was robbed and there is absolutely NOTHING in the adult aisle that she wants or find remotely useful. After wandering through the half opened packages and pieces of crap laying around I tell her that I am going to start picking up the few things we need for the house, let her figure this one out. The aisle is making me anxious, it’s a hot mess!

Of course it’s now 12:00 and I am literally racing through the aisles grabbing the stuff on the list {and some not on the list} but rushing, the story of my life. I see her coming down the center aisle and she is pointing to her imaginary watch on her wrist and mouthing “we have to go”…. but of course we have to. Why would I want a few minutes to shop unhurried? Pfff, said no Mom ever!

I get her to work and scoot home before I have to pick up the little ones at the bus. I managed to get a few more emails in and another load of laundry before heading off to the bus. I should say that my intentions the night before were to prepare dinner that afternoon so that when I got the little ones we could head off to gymnastics and the skatepark and come home to dinner already prepared. Except that is what organized Moms do, I like to do everything rushed.

So as requested by number #3, I whip up Sloppy Joe’s. All I need to do later is heat them up. BAM!

Rushing out the door to the van and heading to gymnastics, relatively in good time. Kiss #3 and tell her I will see her in an hour after class. #2 and I put on the Green Day tunes in the car and start cruising to the skatepark down the street. I hear his little voice singing to the chorus and I think how cool it is that we are sharing this moment. Ah, life is great.

“Mom” ….

I turned the music down so I could hear him.

“Today at school I asked my teacher if she likes Green Day”

I nodded thinking that’s pretty awesome, a second grader asking his teacher about a classic American punk rock band. Then he adds….

“I also asked her if she likes watching Dumb and Dumber, Dodgeball and Hall Pass…..”

Shit. Double Shit.

Did I mention i’m the classroom parent ? Yeah, we need to have a discussion with #2 about oversharing our movie routines in class.

For the record, neither of the little ones have watched Hall Pass. We’ve watched Dumb and Dumber and Dodgeball several times but NEVER Hall Pass.

I love when #2 quotes lines from a movie we watched that clearly only some will get the humor. Tonight at dinner {Taco Tuesday} we are stuffing the toppings into our shells like we’ve not eaten in days and he stops and says

“Grace!  We need to say Grace”

He bows his head and starts “Dear Lord baby Jesus…..”

And this is only Tuesday.

dear lord baby jesus



Here we go


What exactly is it?

Tattoo Discrimination.

My husband coined this abbreviation a while back to add a humorous side to the day-to-day nonsense we see (and hear) all because we live our lives to the fullest without inhibition and fear of what others might think. Also because we have tattoos, lots of tattoos.

We are a family of 5,  #1 she just having turned 18 yrs old, #2 a strapping young lad at 7 yrs old and our darling little #3 a fiery 6 yr old. #2 and #3 are 11 months apart, known as Irish twins. #3 is also a recent graduate of high school and also a straight A honor student! We can’t be that bad at this parenting thing if we managed to raise a honor student, right?
Moving along…my husband and I have been married for almost 8 years and still laugh at each others jokes, or just plain laugh AT one another. Either way, we’re BFF’s.

So, why the blog?

Because I’m so sick of hearing the questions and seeing the looks from people who just for some reason cannot get past the tattoos or the short spiky hair or the crazy family of 5 skateboarding (yes all 5 of us) through the neighborhood with their two dogs. And because I think we are interesting enough that I want to share our stories. Plus, someone has to be documenting this stuff… it gets pretty wild around here.

So hit a bookmark button, click a social media icon and follow us because from today on we are going to be rockin the internet Dunn style.